Speacial pacage for our customers who love mountains despite all odds. A 4 Days journey to peak into lahaul, living like locals, experiencing seldom visited places. The most importatnt part of this tour is- Visit to Triloknath Temple, which is located at end point of Pattan Valley, visit kaal chakra temple in jispa, and suraj taal. Signification historical references are there to take a look at how religious, socio-economics phenomenons have shaped the culture of lahaul & SPITi today.


Hotel Ibex at Jispa village

Visit to Jispa-Day 1, Starting from Manali, through Atal Tunnel to enter into Lahaul. Jispa is located by banks of Bhaga River. Jispa is quiet, calm, peaceful. There is an helipad as well in Jispa. 

Gondhla Fort

Visit to Gondhla fort-day 1, to know about its history, visit to other monastery in the village. A sever-story fort laid with stone and wood, once a seat of thakurs is no longer occupied, built by Raja Man Singh, ruler of Kulu kingdom in the 1700, still a heritage of Thakur clan


Shishur Monastery

Today, another important visit is to visit Shashur Monastery. Sha-shur means “blue pines” in the local dialect, as patches of blue pine can be seen around the monastery.



While going to Baralacha Pass, we will visit Ajeel Taal. One of the most beuatiful lakes around, lies on the way to Bara la Cha

Suraj Taal

Another lake on the way would be Suraj Taal. Lake is beutiful and surrounding is peaceful. Suraj Taal, source of Bhaga River, finally merging in Tandi- as we call it SANGAM. 65 K.M. from District Headquarter Keylong.


Jispa Monestery

Visit to Jispa Monestry, inaugrated by HH Dalai Lama in 2010. Kalchakra Temple, men-se-khang (tibetan herbal therapy) is also have their presence in Jispa. Visit to some of these sites makes our day!